“S. Brian Willson has paid the Price For Peace in lifelong regular installments and his commitment assures us that truly one heart with courage is a majority.” 
– Martin Sheen, Actor & Activist

”If you care about the human race, please see this film.” 
– Frances Fisher, Actress & Activist

“…a beautiful portrait and engaging account of an iconic champion of deep conscience, intelligence and humanity.” 
– Maureen Cruise, LA Progressive

“Inspiring, as it is shocking.” 
– Paul Haggis, Academy Award Winning Director

“Today we have among us, Brian Wilson, a North American who represents the feelings of the people. They are feelings of peace. They are feelings of justice. That we know are feelings of love, of truth, of democracy.” 
– Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua


“From the depths of my heart, I thank you for bestowing upon me, this highest honor that your sovereign nation grants to individuals. With a profound sense of responsibility however, I humbly accept this honor as a representative of millions of United States Citizens who want peaceful relations based upon law and fairness, not arrogant dominion. We are not worth more than you. I am not worth more than any other human being and you are not worth less.”
– S. Brian Wilson