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People's World Publishes Review of Paying The Price For Peace Award Winning Documentary

“In chronicling the U.S. peace movement for about half a century, Paying the Price performs an invaluable service. I can’t think of any other comparable documentary that provides so comprehensive an overview as Boudart’s well-made picture.”

Ed Rampell –
Paying the Price for Peace review in Eugene Weekly

“Willson paid not only with his legs but also with attachment to institutional reward structures of our society, freed in exchange to live directed by awareness, empathy and conscience — essential preconditions for peace within and between people. Were this state of mind to become universal, we would have 365 days of international peace each year.”

JACK DRESSER, PH.D., Eugene Weekly SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 –
Humor Times Film Review of Paying the Price for Peace

“This full-length documentary about Vietnam Veteran S. Brian Willson does not pull any punches.”

James Israel, Humor Times – published September 4, 2016 –
SF Chronicle writes about Paying the Price for Peace

“That train, with a cargo of war munitions, will keep on rolling as the camera rolls, until it cuts the legs off of Willson, leaving him a double amputee and establishing him as the most dedicated soldier in the long line of war protesters.”

Sam Whiting, SF Chronicle September 3, 2016 –
Truthdig reviews Paying the Price for Peace

“As dramatic as it is informative, “Paying the Price for Peace” is indisputably a progressive polemic that will wind up preaching to the choir while going unnoticed by war hawks. But whatever your political bent, few can argue against the movie’s anti-war message.”

Jordan Riefe, Truthdig – Sep 3, 2016 –
Indybay publishes article about Paying the Price for Peace

“[Paying the Price for Peace] shows why current antiwar activists challenge a perpetual war profiteering economy calling for an end to supporting America’s illegal wars.”

CodePink for Peace Santa Cruz – Indybay, September 1st, 2016 –

Street Roots News Film Review of Paying the Price For Peace

“Paying the Price for Peace” is a film that should be seen in colleges, high schools and theaters around the country. Perhaps it can rekindle our hopes of peace and infect the rest of us with an activist’s courage and resolve, that we may someday use our tax money for teachers and health care, instead of this killing that we sponsor throughout the globe.”

Martha Gies, Street Roots News – 28 Jun 2016 –