Academy Award Winning Writer/Director Paul Haggis

Paul Haggis, Academy Award Winning Writer & Director (Crash & Million Dollar Baby) 

“PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is as powerful as it is important, as inspiring as it is shocking and throws a strong light on an incredible man who suffered so much yet continued to stand when almost anyone else would have crumbled.”

It is quite literally awe inspiring.

Martin Sheen: Actor & Activist

“S. Brian Willson has paid the Price For Peace in lifelong regular installments and his commitment assures us that truly one heart with courage is a majority.”

Daniel Ellsberg endorses Paying the Price for Peace

Daniel Ellsberg, Former Military Analyst, Senior Fellow of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and Provider of the Pentagon Papers to the NYT 1971

“I love Brian. And I love this film. I wish that every American, interested in truth, could see it. Since his time in Vietnam, Brian’s life has been about revealing the dark side of US foreign policy. This very important film, which includes many of Brian’s friends in the anti-war movement, also talks about how US militarism is one of the biggest contributors to Global Warming.”

Roy Bourgeois Endorses Paying The Price For Peace

Roy BourgeoisVietnam Veteran & Founder of School of The Americas Watch

“These are very challenging and dangerous times. We need people who can inspire us to resist. I highly recommend seeing: ‘PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson’.

Brian and the other people in this very important film, show us and lead us in resisting wars being waged by the United States. These illegal and immoral wars have devastated and killed millions of people in the third world”.

Producer Maria Florio Endorses Award Winning Documentary Paying The Price For Peace

Maria Florio – Earthworks Films Inc, Producer of: “Broken Rainbow” (Academy  Award- Best Documentary Feature) – “Tibet: Cry of The Snow Lion” & Other  Films 

“I watched PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE and was moved to my core! It touched me so deeply and it also touched on every indiscretion ever perpetrated by this industrial-complex!  A powerful, beautifully conceived, masterful film that must have a global audience!”

Helen Caldicott, M.D. endorses Paying The Price For Peace

Helen Caldicott, M.D.  – An Australian physician, author and anti-nuclear advocate who has founded several associations dedicated to opposing the use of nuclear power, depleted uranium munitions, nuclear weapons and military action in general.

“This film “PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE” shows what absolute commitment and dedication of one’s life to peace and the absence of killing really means.  What a man!”

Ed Asnor Endorses the documentary, Paying The Price For Peace
Ed Asner, Actor and Activist

“[S.] Brian Willson and the other well-known anti-war activists in “PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE” have walked the walk and talked the talk for a long time.   This is a monumental film that everyone should see in order to understand the true nature of U.S. foreign policy. “

Blase Bonpane endorses Paying the Price for Peace

Blase Bonpane, (April 24, 1929 – April 8, 2019) Ph.D: Director, Office of the Americas, Host of World Focus, heard on KPFK 90.7 FM

“The OFFICE OF THE AMERICAS was proud to be participant in the Nuremberg Actions at Concord Naval weapons Station in California. And today the Nuremberg precedent is more important than ever. We must not obey illegal and immoral orders from anyone including the President of the United States. After the horror of the attack on [S.] Brian Willson at that site I was privileged to travel war ravaged Nicaragua with Brian. We flew at tree top level in a worn helicopter to see the devastation of Reagan’s illegal and immoral CONTRA WAR.  The people of Nicaragua came out as one to welcome their hero who had PAID THE PRICE FOR PEACE, Brian Willson.”

Col. Ann Wright Endorses Paying The Price for Peace

Col. Ann Wright, retired United States Army Colonel & U.S. State Department official

“Paying The Price For Peace” is the remarkable story of a remarkable man willing to give his life for peace.  [S.] Brian Willson risked his life for the people of Central America who were being killed by U.S. bullets. Brian paid the price for peace with his legs and almost his life.  The rest of us are paying the price with our souls.” 

Francis Ford Coppola says Paying The Price For Peace is "most amazing"

Francis Ford Coppola, Academy Award-Winning Film Director (The Godfather), Founder of American Zoetrope, and Vintner

“Thanks for sharing your story of [S.] Brian Wilson – most amazing! 

I know how much work this type of project can be…”

Peter Phillips, PhD Endorses Paying The Price For Peace

Peter Phillips Ph.D., Professor Political Sociology Sonoma State University, Past President of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored

“The Documentary on [S.] Brian Willson’s life, “Paying The Price For Peace”, is an important must-see film for anti-war activists and should be required viewing in all social science/ethics classes in colleges and secondary schools nationwide. Acknowledging permanent war is the first step to peace.”

Ralph Nader Endorses Paying the Price For Peace

Ralph Nader, Lawyer and Author of  “Breaking Through Power”

“See how courageous, non-violent, civil disobedience to the crimes of war can motivate you to become a more challenging citizen against militarism and corporatism that a peoples’ Congress can stop.”

Kathy Kelly Endorses Paying the Price For Peace
Kathy Kelly: Co-Founder of Voices For Creative Nonviolence, works with Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, & Author of “Other Lands Have Dreams”.

“I recall being in Baghdad with Gulf Peace Team members from Europe, India and Australia, during the 1991 Desert Storm invasion of Iraq. Wanting badly to raise concern, worldwide, for suffering Iraqis who had meant the U.S. people no harm, we listed people we hoped to reach who might eventually join us in the Middle East. [S.] Brian Willson topped our list because we knew that communities of people worldwide respected his courage and credibility.  “Paying The Price For Peace” educates audiences about Brian’s lifelong commitment to abolish war. The film also introduces a cast of interesting people, kindred spirits with Brian Willson, who believe that nonviolence can and must change the world. “

Jeff Cohen of RootsAction endorses Paying The Price For Peace
Jeff Cohen: Co-Founder of RootsAction.org & Co-Producer of ‘All Governments Lie’

“What an inspiring movie! From sea to shining sea, our country is filled with gleaming statues of war heroes. This powerful movie is a monument to a peace hero – telling the dramatic story of [S.] Brian Willson’s journey from soldier to lifelong activist for peace and justice. And the movie shows that Brian’s brand of heroism is infectious and inspires other heroes.”

Sabina Virgo endorses Paying the Price for Peace
Sabina Virgo: Founding President, AFSCME 2620, Community and Climate Organizer/Activist, Writer and Speaker.

“PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE engages our heart and lifts our spirit.  It is a tale of commitment, courage and leadership.  It describes how political deception makes us accomplices to policies we never knew about or agreed to and underscores the importance of struggle and community. S. Brian Willson has the lead role in the film.  And the story is certainly about him. But it is also about you and me.  What will we do differently because we saw this film?  What will our next steps be?”

David Hartsough endorses Paying the Price for Peace
David Hartsough: Author of “Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist”, Co-Founder of the Nonviolent Peaceforce and Co-Founder of World Beyond War.

“Paying The Price For Peace is a MUST SEE film by everyone who wants peace and an end to all wars.  [S.] Brian Willson not only believes that “Our lives are not worth more and their lives are not worth less,” he acts on that belief even risking his life to stop American bombs being shipped to kill people. Millions of people all over the world who have lost loved ones in America’s wars have expressed profound gratitude that Brian Willson and other Americans understand their grief and their suffering and are willing to risk their lives to stop the madness of war. Be prepared to be inspired and challenged to take your next step in creating a world where we can give up the insanity of killing one another and live as brothers and sisters in peace. Together we can end the madness of war!”

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is a great film about the life and pure dedication of a great activist. [S.] Brian Willson began as an All-American boy. He stayed true to his patriotic upbringing. When faced with the enormous contradictions of the Vietnam War, he told the hard truths about the moral depravity of that war.  From then on, Brian remained determined in speaking truth to power, about US war making in Latin America and beyond. He paid the ultimate price for peace when he sat on the tracks blocking a weapons shipment to Central America. A humble man always, Brian inspires all of us to keep working for peace.

Ray McGovern
Ray McGovern, Former CIA Analyst

“[S.] Brian Willson is a WITNESS for Justice and against injustice. Witnesses TESTify for the truth, a precondition for JUSTICE, in turn a precondition for PEACE. That’s what Brian’s, and our, proTEST-ifying is all about. What a gift to be part of this movement of PROTEST.”

Mike Hastie endorses Paying the Price for Peace
Mike Hastie: Army Medic Vietnam, Veterans For Peace & Photojournalist

“As an Army medic in Vietnam, I have often said that Lying Is The Most Powerful Weapon In War. “Paying The Price For Peace” is a primary example of how lying is the essential ingredient of any war. If you do not follow the deceit of the money trail and who profits off of war, you will be forever lost in the rhetoric. One of the most profound statements I have ever read about the Vietnam War, was written by Brian Willson. Brian witnessed four atrocities in Vietnam, after U.S. jets bombed four Vietnamese villages killing hundreds of innocent civilians. When Brian walked into the first village, he looked down at a dead Vietnamese mother holding three dead children who were scorched by napalm and these were his words: “In that moment and it only took a second, I got it.” That was the profound lying war in Vietnam and that is why “Paying The Price For Peace” is such a monumental accomplishment in telling the truth.”

Maureen Cruise RN endorses Paying the Price For Peace
Maureen Cruise RN, Peace Advocate, Director Health Care for All – Los Angeles Chapter

“S. Brian Willson stands courageous, strong and tall among the very best of our inspirational heroes. “Paying The Price For Peace” is both a beautiful portrait and engaging account of an iconic champion of deep conscience, intelligence and humanity.  

It also provides terrifying examples of the brute force, violence and militarism used in attempts to silence voices of peace, justice and brotherhood. Presente, one and all, for this brilliant film.”

Norman Solomon
Norman Solomon
American Journalist, Media Critic, Author of “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death,” Activist, Founder of the Institute for Public Accuracy, and Co-Founder and National Director of RootsAction.org

“Gets real about how we can overcome the fears that fuel perpetual war.”

Cynthia McKinney, PhD; Former US Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party US Presidential Candidate

“Brian Willson declared his independence from every bomb dropped, every threat leveled, every civil liberties rollback, every child killed, every veteran maimed. 

Brian Willson sat down in order to stand up. For all that I have done, [S.] Brian Willson shames me to do more; to be better. Thank you, Brian; I love you…

Every person in the U.S. needs to see this film. Every person who is in favor of U.S. wars needs to see this. Every person worried about their bank account being frozen if they stand up for what they believe in needs to watch Paying The Price For Peace.”

Nick Angotti Endorses Paying The Price For Peace
Nick Angotti, Co-Founder & Executive Director of ‘The Peace On Earth Film Festival’ in Chicago

“If you stand up for what you believe then you must see: “Paying The Price For Peace”, a powerful film that packed the house and created a most inspiring discussion on the importance of activism.”

“What makes Paying the Price so powerful is hearing the voices of so many veterans, women and men who know what war is and have had the courage to walk away. They invite us to remember – however much the national “security” state would like us to forget — that every one of us can be brave. Courage (like cowardice) is a habit we can learn by practice. And there’s no better teacher than [S.] Brian Willson.”

Regis Tremblay, Director of Thirty Seconds to Midnight" endorses Paying The Price For Peace
Regis Tremblay: Producer & Director “30 Seconds To Midnight” & “Ghosts of Jeju

“At a time when the peace movement is in disarray and at a time when progressives have given the United States a free pass on endless war and drone killings, [S.] Brian Willson is an example for the Peace Movement all over the world. If we are to survive as a species, we will all have to: Pay The Price For Peace.”

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Endorses Paying The Price For Peace
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Author & Historian

“S. Brian Willson is an international hero revered for his lifelong, unrelenting refusal to accept any apology for the US empire and its murderous military machine. This documentary should be seen by everyone, particularly the younger generation who may not yet be familiar with Willson’s life and his challenge to every US resident to take responsibility to end the US militaristic madness”.

Michael D. Knox, PhD, Chair endorses Paying The Price For Peace
Michael D. Knox, PhD, Chair US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc.

“Brilliant documentary about an incredible antiwar hero.  This film should be a strong contender for an Oscar.”

Frances Fisher endorses Paying the Price for Peace
Frances Fisher: Actress and Activist

“Paying The Price For Peace” is an amazing must see film. Brian Willson has been on an incredible life’s journey. As a young conservative Republican, who believed what he was taught in this country, he enlisted in the Air Force, became an officer and was sent to Vietnam in 1969.  One of his first assignments was to access the success of targets we had bombed. Brian witnessed a fishing village with close to 100 people in it who were all either dead or dying. There were no soldiers and no weapons. Just women, children and a few old men. In the next week he witnessed 4 other villages that had been bombed with the same results. His life was changed forever. When he spoke out to his superiors about what he had seen, he was sent back to the United States. In the 1980’s Brian decided to go to Central America to see just what our country was doing there. That led to his involvement with ‘Veterans Fast For Life’ in 1986 and then blocking trains at The Concord Naval Weapons Station in California in 1987, where he was run over by a train carrying weapons to be shipped to Central America and used to kill innocent people. He lost both legs but survived and became much more well known to people in the anti-war movement. This film covers all of these actions so clearly and also includes many other well-known anti-war activists in this country, who are on a similar journey as Brian, which is to reveal the true and brutal nature of US foreign policy. If you care about the human race, please see this film.”

David Swanson
David Swanson, Author and Founder of World Beyond War

“A Hero’s story of courageous sacrifice, dedication, excitement, adventure, and solidarity…”

Jack Kornfield
Jack Kornfield, PhD., author, co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“Moving and inspiring. Makes you want to add your voice for peace.”

Frank Dorrel, Associate Producer of Paying the Price For Peace, the Story of S. Brian Willson
Frank Dorrel, Veteran & Publisher of Addicted to War

“I hope you can help support this important film about S. Brian Willson & the Anti-War / Peace Movement, so it can reach millions of people in this country, helping them to realize that the United States has killed & injured tens of millions of innocent people all over the world. The only way we can stop these illegal & immoral wars is for more and more people to understand this information & then act upon it.”

Additional Endorsements

(During the film’s fundraising)

“‘War is organized murder, and nothing else.’– Harry Patch: Last surviving Soldier of WW1” – Frances Fisher

“We think this film about S. Brian Willson & the Peace Movement can help to wake up & educate many people in this country. We also like the producer, Frank Dorrel. Thanks to all of you who have donated. And thanks to Bo for making this film.” -Jane

“Brian Willson comes closer to walking his talk than any other human being I have known. His story must get out.” -Kenneth

“So appreciative this film is being made of such an extraordinary hero amongst us. Bravo” – Eleanor

“POWER is in NUMBERS!, and in SPEAKING UP.!! So add yourself, & let others know, and speak up by making a small contribution! Thanking yourself = 0)” – Mark

“so happy to see this documentary in making and looking forward to the special peace pin designed by S. Brian Willson.”

“War uses poor people to kill other poor people for the sake of the rich. It takes some of our best and turns them into monsters, without conscience, morality or antonymous volition. The spoils of war are reaped by the Elite while the rest of us endure the costs. Debt, loss, trauma, pain, guilt, devastation and retaliation. Why do we sacrifice our young people in exchange for misery?” – James

“Thank you for all you have done and are doing for all of us.” Janet

“How can I not contribute a few dollars after learning what Brian has contributed in the cause of peace?” – Don Bustany

“Thank you for all you are and all you are doing!” – opazjust

Keep up the great work you are inspiring us all. -imac901

I wish can have all the money to support more, it’s about to do something good. As a writer I believe that we can do more for this world. Thanks to all who create movies or books with nice messages for this humanity. – Indira

“S. Brian Willson is a hero, and a spiritual guide and a humble and courageous leader. I thank him and I pray for the courage to follow his example in confronting evil”. – Neil

“Read the book just got done, changed my life and help affirm things i felt. thank you so much you inspire me to do more no matter the odds. peace” – Alex

“Great Mahalo (appreciation) to Brian Wilson for his tireless dedication for world peace, and my thanks go to Frank Dorrel, too, who is the associate producer of this film.” Yumik

“Brian is such an inspiration!” – Heitmeyer

“It’s time for all people to stand up against the lunacy of war” – Jon

“I am so happy that this is going to be made! In a society where most people are so introverted, this is the way to get out such an important message! Thank you to Brian Wilson and everyone involved in making this film.” – Kaitlin

“Speak Out for Peace” – maggieodelaunay

“Fair play to you. We are under perpetual attack by the ruling elite. Wars are just extra bloody episodes, in their ongoing assault. Sanctions and trade embargos have transformed Iraq into a giant concentration camp. Will we allow this MO to be applied everywhere?” – James

“Brian Willson has stood up and made his voice heard. Now it is our turn to do the same by supporting this film about Brian Willson.” – inochi4

“Brian shows maximum bravery and determination, and yet is gentle in his manners. An amazing person.” – George

“I support Brian Wilson and his work for peace!” – Tupper

“I am so grateful to be able to participate in some small way to a very big beginning.” – Carol

“Thanks for your courage and tenacity” – Carolyn

“Free Bradley!” – Arthur

“I really appreciate the work that Brian Wilson has done for peace. I wish there were more people like him. He is my hero.” – Irena

“Thanks to Bob Banner with HopeDance for this moving chronicle of activism.” -Jerome

“This movie is democracy in action.” – Wayne

“Yay! saw him during his summer travels with his book signing and selling up in northern ca, what an awesome human… I am about to send this virally via fb as well…” – Bob

“Frank Dorrel told me about this important project.” – Danny

“Love to Brian always.” Norman Solomon

“Wishing you the best in completing this film. I will do what I can to have it shown” -kjofct

“God bless everyone involved in the making of this very important film!” – Andrew

“Good luck with the project…………..our communication to be stored in Bluffdale, Utah server.” – Bruce L

“Hello there, I wish you all the best!!” – Dan.Shaw76

“It is a true honor to contribute and be a part of this documentary making of you dear Brian. Very exciting to see this coming in to the reality!! Thank YOU for all you do!! and did!! We love you very much” – Mark & Andy

“Brian’s story has to be told.We are all the better for it. I am glad to know Brian as a Veteran for Peace.” – Bill Gilson chpt 34 NYC

“During the summer of 1987 I was at the tracks as a member of Nuremberg Actions as much as possible, after working hours and on weekends. The first 24 hour presence at the tracks was due to Felix, an expatriate Russian scientist, who appears to the right behind David Hartsough on the cover of “Blood on the Tracks”. Thanks to Felix and everyone else striving to end all wars.” – Barry Miller, Hinsdale, NY

“love your campaign it is actually right down my ally.” – Jamieson

“Love to all who are working on this worthy film!” – Holley

“Yes, the Pope is a man of peace proclaiming on 9/14/2012 that “a fundamental aspect of liberty is tolerance for others and the fact that human liberty is always shared liberty.” Doesn’t the principal of tolerance lie at the foundation of [world] peace and at the root of American liberty?” -Joep

“Important work the needs to be done! Im proud of you guys.” – Travis

“Just today I came across a photo of Dudley and I on the G.W. Bridge in a demonstration for Brian Wilson – back in the early 80’s(??) Great hero.” – Love/peace, Elizabeth

“supporting you from motown” – Anonymous

“I first met Brian in the 80s. His story continues to move and inspire me. Thank you for making this film.” – John

“I am truly honored to support the brave individuals whose sacrifice, effort and dedication provide a voice for those of us who oppose the senseless premise that war is a solution to the challenges of a society. The greatest price paid is the direct loss of the lives, limbs and family potentials of the women, men and children called to service and those suffering the consequences of war’s destruction. Imagine the good that could benefit the world and its struggles if all of that human potential was focused on peace.” – Marc

“Brian’s life is incredible—thanks for making this documentary!” – Mary

“This is such a wonderful campaign and I wish you best of luck with it, I’ve taken the liberty of sharing it on facebook and twitter already. Best of luck and prayers go out to you and yours!!” – Jordan.Kells85

“An inspiring and challenging life and a worthwhile cause.” – Michael

“Finally a movie to be made about this most remarkable person.” – mingobaby

“I learned so much reading the pages of BLOOD ON THE TRACKS as this was a period in history that I knew very little about. Entwining Brian’s life throughout the pages of history helped me visualize not only his lifetime struggle for understanding people, places and events but the never-ending machinations of our government.” – Jenika

“I believe this story needs to get out there. I love Brian, and am grateful for his message, and spirit.” – Todd

“What a worthwhile project!” – Madelyn

“Complacency is complicity” – David

“This will be a great film and I encourage everyone to contribute.” – David and Jan

“Many thanks, Brian, for your continued inspiration and leadership.” – Ralph

“I don’t believe in sacrifice, so let’s use our common will power to end war.” XCarl

“In memory of Guy Kuttner and in honor of other heroes who inspire us to speak truth to power.” – Charles

“Brian Willson’s transformation from obedient boy scout and soldier to anti-war resister is a story that people, especially the young, should know. It is powerful and life-affirming.” – William

“The extraordinary way in which Brian has led his life is an inspiration! This film will give us hope to continue the struggle!” – ulis

“Frank, so glad you are doing this! I already have the book, but would love a copy of the DVD.” – Thanks Linda Wiles

“solidarity with all peace activists” – Judith

“I hope my small donation will help make this film happen!” – Larry

“Thank you for all you do for the peace movement. I am the wife and mother of veterans, and we fully support what you do.” – Maureen

“My Dad has been working on timeless documentaries for the last 26 years of my life, and then some. His works have educated and inspired me, my friends, and colleagues for that entirety. I hope that Paying for Peace does much more. Keep up the great work Dad!” – Jesse

“Thank you for your attempt to mobilize Americans to stop the death and destruction being done DAILY in their name and with their tax dollars.” – Leslee

“Sending this $100 to you instead of to the US government.” – Dana

“If America had more Brian ’s peace and justice would find America.” – Kathleen

“Thank you for making this movie!” – Prisca

“Brian is an inspiration, clear in his opposition to the war machine.” – Valerie

“Our grain of sand.” – Virginia

“Thank you!” – Curtis

“I look forward to viewing this film that no doubt will be a big boost for world peace.” – Alanna

“looking forward to the movie very much!” – Kisstiger