Why Contribute?

Why do we need donations?

From the production costs of hiring crew for anything from shooting on location, to research, writing, editorial, to the post-production costs of sound design, color correction, licensing, and more, the costs for making feature-length documentaries are far higher than you might think.
Considering how much we’ve raised and how much more we need to raise, your help with the costs associated with this film  are welcomed (and needed)!



What your money is used for:

We raised $31K in the first IndieGoGo campaign in 2012 to help with the production costs of flights and interviews with S. Brian Willson, Ron Kovic, and Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega.
We recorded footage at Veterans for Peace conferences, at the Arlington West Memorial in Southern California, peace demonstrations in LA, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C.
After we finished the initial video production with S. Brian Willson, and interviews with many noteable peace activists, we began raising the remainder of the final production funding on a second IndieGoGo campaign in 2015.
The $38+K we raised in the second campaign went towards the final completion of the film, including:

  • Final online editing
  • Music composition and licensing
  • Video color correction
  • Audio mixing
  • Final DVD master

The second Indiegogo Fundraiser raised more money than the first campaign, but barely covered the items on the bullet list.  We found out that some of the music and archive licensing cost an additional $10,000 above what we originally estimated when creating the Indiegogo Goal.  The cost to design, print and duplicate all the DVD’s cost another $5,000.  So although we did raise our goal on Indiegogo, we still need to raise at the very least $15,000 more. Even more money is needed to cover the costs of submitting the film to festivals, producing outreach material, renting theaters for screenings, and to cover the shipping costs for all the IndieGoGo perks and Paypal orders coming in.

After all was said and done, we’ve raised about $70K from fundraisers, but the film cost over $200K to make. That is why we are still asking for donations.  To re-coupe the cost to produce this film, and help with our distribution efforts.

That’s where you come in!  Please help us!
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Thanks for your support!