Bo Boudart, Producer and Director has initiated, written, and filmed many 1 hour documentaries, promotional, and educational programs with organizations & television networks including PBS, the Discovery Channel, CBC.  Many of his programs are distributed by educational distributors including Bullfrog Films, The Video Project, Specialty Studios, and Wondervisions.  The themes of programs encompass human rights, public policy energy issues, science, conservation, environmental protection, indigenous cultures, international peace efforts, ecology, and other subjects.

Sample projects include Oil on Ice as co-producer/director, principal videographer- a one hour documentary on issues of energy policy, Alaska Natives and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge;  Power Paths, producer, director, for PBS Independent Lens, about grassroots Native American tribes pushing for environmental justice and renewable energy in the Southwest and Great Plains.  To view more documentary works-in-progress visit,  Many of his documentaries have been Award winners, such as 2 Cine Golden Eagles,  International Documentary Association Pare Lorentz Award, Hugo Award, International Wildlife Film Festival Best Environmental Documentary, Best Native American Film, at Traildance Film Festival and other awards.



 Associate Producer, Frank Dorrel publishes and distributes the anti-war history book titled “ADDICTED To WAR, Why The U.S. Can’t Kick Militarism”. Dorrel put together the 2-hour film titled: “What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World
He was in the U.S. Air Force and is now a member of Veterans for Peace.  Frank is on the executive board of The Office of the Americas  and has worked with many Peace & Justice organizations in Los Angeles and around the country.  Frank will be coordinating our shooting schedules and persons during the course of this production.


Allan Baddock

A journalist/writer and communications consultant with more than 20 years experience in the national and international arenas. As well as extensive work in on-air radio, television network news and print journalism, Allan has written and directed a number of high profile social issues television documentaries and provided scripts for more than a dozen natural history films mainly for international broadcast. For five years he toured New Zealand’s least known towns and communities researching stories and characters for the highly popular “Heartland” television series. Over the past decade he has been intensively involved in programme development for the international television market, including writing pitches, treatments and outlines, as well as web content development, storyline/script editing and scripting. He has also developed training and promotional material, press releases, videos, and publications for corporate, academic, governmental and public service bodies.



Susan’s editorial experience includes both long and short formats. She has worked on Emmy award winning documentaries for Reader’s Digest, programs for PBS, The Disney Channel, The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel and The History Channel.  She has worked on several  independent documentaries with subjects ranging from health issues to the environment.  She recently edited the award winning 1 hour documentary, Walking in Two Worlds for Bo Boudart Productions.


Nicole C. Scott works with a number of directors to produce engaging online media – from print work and websites to social media content curation, the implementation of various inbound marketing strategies, and assisting with crowd sourced fundraising campaigns. Nicole’s projects include documentaries such as, Paying The Price For Peace, Accidental Activists, Islands of Life, and Power Paths by Bo Boudart of Bo Boudart Productions, American Visionary: The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard by Karen Everett of New Doc Films, and Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy by Haydn Reiss of Zinc Films. Feature narrative films include Seducing Charlie Barker by Kanbar Entertainment, Not Without Us by Kontent Films, Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly by the FOR-SITE Foundation, and Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest by Follow Your Dream Foundation.


Clara Cramer, Art Director of Paying The Price For Peace

Educated in the Fine Arts, refined in the field of Medical Illustration and succeeding in the realm of digital media, Clara has brought her creative vision to the forefront of today’s digital world. With a background in post production, she carries that over into her design and directing, working for some of the most influential companies worldwide. She creates, edits and executes media content as well as entire shows for such clients as Stanford Business School, BMW, Medtronic, Sling, Nike, Samsung, Cisco, OOMA and Cepheid.


Khaboshi Imbukwa assistant editor

A graduate student from SF State University’s Radio and TV program, Khaboshi joined our team as Post Production Assistant in 2014 and enjoys pulling together all the additional sources for the film and contributes to the editing process for the production.

Other Crew:

Malcolm Payne, Music

Becky Luening, Researcher

Kem Stralka, Sound Recordist

Stacy Asher, Graphic Designer

Bob Spitzer,  Documentary Cameraman

Mike Hastie, Photographer




 S. Brian Willson is a Viet Nam veteran and trained lawyer whose wartime experiences transformed him into a revolutionary nonviolent pacifist. He gained renown as a participant in a prominent 1986 veterans fast on the steps of the US Capitol in Washington, DC. The fast was in response to funding of Reagan’s Contra wars in Central America. One year later, on September 1, 1987, he was again thrust into the public eye when he was run over and nearly killed by a US Navy Munitions train while engaging in a nonviolent blockade in protest of weapons shipments to El Salvador. Since the 1980s he has continued efforts to educate the public about the diabolical nature of US imperialism while striving to “walk his talk” (on two prosthetic legs and a three-wheeled handcycle) by creating a model of right livelihood.  He continues to write and has published two books, including, “Blood On The Tracks” and “My Country Is The World.”

Supporting Interviews:

Charles Liteky
Alice Walker
Medea Benjamin
Phil Donahue
Daniel Ellsberg
Martin Sheen
Col. Ann Wright
Bruce Gagnon
David Swanson
Leah Bolger
Father Roy Bourgeious
Blase Bonpane