Paying The Price For Peace | ATTAC Festival of Cinema, Brussels Belgium – Nov 16, 2017
Paying the Price for Peace is a feature-length documentary starring: S. Brian Willson, Dan Ellsberg, Ed Asner, Martin Sheen, Blase Bonpane, Colonel Ann Wright, Ron Kovic, Medea Benjamin, Alice Walker, Bruce Gagnon, & David Swanson, and other current outspoken anti-war veterans of the US Wars including Iraq and Afghanistan.
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ATTAC Festival of Cinema, Brussels Belgium – Nov 16, 2017

Paying The Price For Peace premieres in Europe at the Cinema d'attac festival November 16th, 2017

15 Nov ATTAC Festival of Cinema, Brussels Belgium – Nov 16, 2017

Paying the Price for Peace Premiers in Europe!


Paying the Price for Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson, or in French, “La Prix De La Paix: L’histoire de S. Brian Willson” will be screening on Thursday, November 16th for the ATTAC  Festival of Cinema

Called the Cinema D’ATTAC festival, this is an annual festival of films about peace & security issues in Belgium.

Download the French language flyer of the le Cinema d’attac screening of Paying The Price For Peace  here: Cinéma (Paying TRACT 16 novembre 2017)

Paying the Price For Peace screens at the ATTAC film festival in Brussels, BelgiumWhen & Where:


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The English Translation of the poster reads:

His name is Brian Willson and he served in the US Air Force from 1966
to 1970 during the Vietnam War.

From the rice fields of Indochina, he returned "galvanized" -and pledges to forever denounce the belligerent policies of the United States.

After completing law studies at the American University of Washington
D.C., Willson passes the bar exam to analyze and challenge – as a lawyer
– the foreign policy pursued by the White House in 20 countries … Each
time, it leads Brian to the same devastating conclusions: the United
States knowingly violates the US Constitution and international laws-
which prohibit wars of aggression and war crimes. But Willson does not
intend to confine himself to the role of expert-lawyer. He also becomes
a field activist, an effective proselyte "for peace", works as an educator, participates in long hunger strikes, carries out acts of civil disobedience, and invites citizens to refuse to pay taxes to the federal government.

Then on the 1st of September 1987. while campaigning against US arms
being sent to Central America as part of the US supported Contra War,
Willson and other Veterans for Peace lie on the rails in Concord Station Weapons Station (California). But the train they intend to block does not stop and runs over them. Willson loses both legs up to the knees, and also suffers a severe fracture of the skull, with loss of the right frontal lobe. But he miraculously, he survives after surgery. Later, this former Vietnam war protester with exemplary courage will find out that he was placed by the FBI on a list of suspects accused of “domestic terrorism” at the request of President Reagan, and that the conductors of the train had received, that day, the order not to stop the train.

In Paying the Price for Peace, a series of veterans, journalists, historians
tell how they have experienced and been through American wars in
recent decades. Their words are illustrated by archival images and rare
footage often unpublished – especially those filmed by themselves. It is
a documentary of incredible strength.